Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas You’ll Love – Food and Drink

by Charlie

It’s no secret that everyone loves an indulgent treat at Christmas, especially when it’s given as a gift. A box of truffles or a bottle of some fancy-schmancy booze has been a classic x-mas present throughout the years! What’s so good about foodie gifts is that they’re so easy to find too, you don’t need to go any further than your local supermarket. However, if you’ve got a deli down the road, you can often find more unusual products there that you wouldn’t find in a supermarket. Then there’s always the option of adding that personal touch by baking something up at home. Either way there are plenty of vegan christmas gifts out there!

I love receiving food and drinks gifts, especially if it’s stuff I wouldn’t usually buy for myself. Opening a present to find a cookbook from a favourite restaurant or a new bottle of drink I’ve yet to sample is always a delight. It can seem a little daunting to buy for a vegan though, it’s not always as clear as it should be what’s in a product… looking at you drinks industry! That’s why we’ve put together this list of products that are readily available right now in 2020 to give you some inspiration, but also as a handy guide, you can shop from. 100% vegan guaranteed.

Here are our top vegan food and drink gift ideas for vegan Christmas gifts this year:


Mildreds online shop – £20
Although it may not be edible, if you’re looking to get a present for a foodie, a cookbook could be the perfect vegan Christmas gift. The book we’ve shown here is the vegan cookbook from Mildreds who’s a mostly vegan (100% vegetarian) restaurant that started in Soho, London. When we lived in London, we used to go to Mildreds all the time to mark celebrations, like birthdays and anniversaries, so it became a very special place for us. It’s not only an excellent vegan cookbook but also a reminder of all those lovely times we’ve had together. If the person you’re buying for has a favourite chef or restaurant, then I’m sure they’d love to receive one of their cookbooks too!


Any good supermarket – £20 (from Sainsbury’s)
Drinks are an absolut-ely… classic present (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). We’ve chosen to go with spirits in this guide since we enjoy making cocktails at home. We think, for the money, Absolut Vodka is a great choice. It’s got a very smooth flavour and can be made into so many drinks. One of our Christmas favourites would be the winter spiced White Russians we posted on the blog a few weeks back. Although you can never go wrong with a vodka soda, espresso martini, or even a vodka on the rocks. If you decide on a different tipple to gift and aren’t sure if it’s vegan, check out the website barnivore. It’s always got reliable up to date information about vegan drinks.


Any Good Supermarket – Malfi (£5) Seedlip (£3.50)
If you like the idea of a drink, but you don’t want to spend £20, then a mini is a great vegan Christmas gift too. It means you can get some of the fancier or more unique flavours for someone to try without buying a whole bottle. If you’re after a non-alcoholic option, Seedlip is an ideal alcohol-free spirit alternative. Again, if you’re not sure whether the mini you’ve chosen is vegan, just check out the website Barnivore.


Homemade (we love this recipe by The Viet Vegan) – £0 (cost of ingredients)
If you want to add a personal touch to your gift this Christmas, a great option is doing some vegan baking/cooking. We recently posted about these spiced maple roasted nuts on our Instagram, because they’re so damn tasty! Pop these in a nice jamjar, and tie some ribbon around it. Then you’ve got yourself a unique and easy vegan present that you can guarantee no one else will have also gifted.


Dr Will online store – £3.49
Ketchup may seem like a strange gift, but we’ve included this here because fancy ketchup isn’t the kind of thing I wouldn’t get for myself when doing a regular grocery shop. I see products like this ketchup on the shelves of the supermarkets all the time, and I’m always intrigued. The idea here is to find something that you know the present receiver will like, be it ketchup, mustard, or anything really, and find try to find a special version of it.


Holland & Barrett – £2.19
I know that finding giftable good quality vegan chocolate can seem like a daunting task. If you haven’t popped into Holland and Barrett recently, then it’s 100% worth checking out. Our local H&B had the full range of Vego, which Freya loves, alongside Doisy and Damm, Halo, Booja Booja, and many other vegan chocs.

I can’t tell you how delicious booja booja chocolate is. Everyone who I’ve given it to has loved it regardless of being vegan or not. Booja Booja chocolate truffles come in a large range of sizes to fit every budget. The one we’ve selected here is £10 for 16 truffles in 5 different flavours, so you’ll get a great range of flavours! Our favourite flavours are Almond Salted Caramel and Around Midnight Espresso.


Prestat – £4.50
This last gift, another bar of chocolate (you can never have enough chocolate), comes in a beautiful pink packet and looks oh so special. I bought a bar of this for Freya’s birthday back in November and she loved the balance of salt to chocolate. Dark chocolate is not always vegan, but it’s more likely to be vegan than milk. What’s great is the range of flavours you can get dark chocolate with. A personal favourite of mine is chilli chocolate or chocolate with orange.

Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think? We’d love to know! Leave us a comment bellow, or get in touch with us on one of our social medias.

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