About Us

by Lovely Jubley

Lovely Jubley, founded in 2018, is a vegan food and lifestyle blog, dedicated to sharing with you tried and tested delicious vegan and cruelty free food and products. We are Freya and Charlie, a couple in our twenties living in Bristol who started our vegan journey together 5 years ago.

What is Lovely Jubley?

Our aim is to show you that being vegan isn’t about compromise! Bringing you our favourite recipes that we use in everyday life, you can find everything from easy peasy weeknight dinners to sensational meals for special occasions. It’s not all about home cooked meals though; if you’re looking for a quick bite to go, or more of a fancy meal out, we’ll show you the best spots around.

There’s more to Veganism than just food. It’s something that has become completely ingrained in all parts of our lives. We love to share not only delicious vegan food but also the best in vegan beauty and lifestyle, as well as a little peak into our day-to-day lives.

Since becoming vegan, our love for food has completely blossomed. Back when we first made the move to becoming vegan there wasn’t a huge amount of options available in restaurants and shops, meaning we found ourselves cooking more creatively in our own kitchen so we could eat the kind of food we wanted. With the rising popularity of a vegan lifestyle over the past couple of years, there are so many more great products out there on the market, but it can be hard to know where to find them. We’ve experienced this first hand and are now here to share with you our favourite finds. Over the years, as we learnt how to cook and eat vegan, we developed into more adventurous chefs. Creating Lovely Jubley felt like the next natural step, as we wanted a way to share our experiences and passion for food and Veganism.

Who are we?

When we’re not working on Lovely Jubley, we are both working in the creative industries. Freya works in the world of set design across film, TV, commercials, and events where she does styling, prop buying and designing. Charlie is a food photographer who works on still life, editorial, and commercial shoots. Combining these skills with our love for vegan food has always been something we wanted to do.

We hope you find what you’re looking for, or even something a little surprising!

To sum it up…

Lovely Jubley is:
  • A vegan food & lifestyle blog

  • Passionate about sharing great food

  • Focused on easy and realistic recipes

  • Real reviews of our favourite food hot spots

  • An always honest opinion on vegan products

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