Frozen Fruit Ice Lollies

by Freya
Vegan Ice Lollies

Although summer seems to have disappeared into the abyss, when we made this post, we were enjoying a heatwave that saw temperatures rise to 39 degrees in London. All we wanted to eat was ice cream, ice lollies and just more ice! Last summer we got really into eating frozen watermelon, so this year we thought we’d see what delicious frozen fruit pops we could create to help ease that summer heat! 

Freezing fruit is a really easy way to enjoy a healthy snack. We’ve dipped ours in melted chocolate, vegan yoghurt and a variety of toppings to turn them into more of an exciting dessert option. You could even enjoy them for breakfast. They’re so simple to make, you just need to choose your fruit and your topping combination, skewer the fruit onto a stick, then freeze it overnight, or for a few hours if you just can’t wait! Here are our top 3 favourite homemade frozen fruit pops:


Pineapple tastes absolutely amazing when frozen. It’s really creamy whilst also still being super refreshing. We cut our pineapple into rounds and dipped them in chocolate. It’s is a match made in heaven! We then topped it with almond flakes and chocolate sprinkles. They taste lovely and sweet whilst also still being healthy. We think these toppings would also taste great on frozen kiwi.

Vegan Ice Lollies


When we did our food shop for this post we intended to buy the classic red watermelon. However, when we got home and cut it open we realised we’d bought a yellow watermelon instead. Did you even know that was a thing?! Well, we didn’t! Thankfully it tasted exactly the same. We dipped the frozen watermelon triangles in some dairy-free yoghurt then topped with either crushed pistachios or dried cranberries. These are the healthiest option and would make a great quick breakfast for on the go. We also made some with drizzled melted dark chocolate on for a simple yet decadent option.

Vegan Ice Lollies


Most of you will already know how delicious frozen banana is. People have been making it into nice cream for years. It’s one of the most creamy fruits so works well as a dairy-free alternative. The banana and chocolate combo has already proven itself delicious in so many classic desserts so you can’t go wrong here! We added on some extra pistachios as well as some coconut, both toppings hit the spot. You could also try dipping the banana in a nut butter too!

Vegan Ice Lollies

We’re both hoping the heat returns so we have another excuse to make these amazing little treats! Whether you enjoy them as a dessert, snack, or however you’d like to eat them, we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do.

Do you have a favourite vegan summer treat? We’d love to hear what you think. Leave us a comment, like, or share this post with your friends.

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