Four Delicious Vegan Supermarket Deserts

by Lovely Jubley
Vegan Supermarket Desserts

We probably bang on about it all the time, so much so that you’ll be sick of us going on and on, but it’s totally true. There are so many amazing new vegan products hitting the shelves of the supermarkets every day! This week we’ve decided to go back to the shops and put together a roundup of some of our favourite dessert options. We’ve picked out our favourite treats and gone through the deliciously rigorous job of taste testing, just to be able to bring you this post. We’ve kept the list varied too, it includes a lemon cake, ice cream, some decadent chocolate pots and a traditional American pudding. The best thing about having so many new vegan desserts is that it’s becoming easier to find the perfect sweet treat for any situation. Whenever we throw a dinner party we focus everything on making sure the house is tidy and the mains are ready, we often don’t have time to think about dessert at all.


Price: £2.50

These little pots of rich chocolate heaven are utterly delicious. We first tried them after a meal we made for some friends. We made a delicious Mexican themed dinner with tacos, frijoles, tortilla chips and guacamole, and these little puds fit in perfectly. These are Freya’s favourites in the list, she particularly loves the salted caramel. We’ve also tried their plain chocolate flavour which I personally love, but I do agree that the salted caramel elevates this pudding to another level of delicious. They may look small but they pack a huge flavour! 

Vegan Supermarket Desserts


Price: £4.25

The lovely newly released lemon cakes from OGGS are one of those products that I’d never thought we’d be able to find in the shops, but I’m so glad we now can! They are perfectly moist, sweet and fresh. I can totally imagine them sitting on a cake tray as part of a vegan cream tea, or perhaps as part of a picnic. Obviously, a homemade cake is always better, but when you don’t have the time for that these are a great alternative. They also do chocolate fudge & victoria sponge cupcakes, as well as larger cakes in the same flavours.

Vegan Supermarket Desserts


Price: £5.50

This one really takes me back to my childhood. We never got Ben and Jerry’s in at my house, so I was always so excited when I was staying over at a friend’s and this came out after the meal. It was always such a treat. Their vegan options simply elicit the same reaction. The dairy-free P.B. & Cookies has delicious hints of peanut butter and cookies running through it which compliments the smooth creamy ice cream. This is one of those sneaky little treats you could find space for after any meal!


Price: £2.99

This is probably my favourite from our list, I particularly loved the crumbly biscuit base. Pudology’s Banoffee Pud is full of flavour and superbly sweet! I really liked that the banana flavours from the banoffee came through strong. These puds would go well after a classic American dinner: fries, burgers and a banoffee pud!

Vegan Supermarket Desserts

Nothing beats a little after-dinner treat, and although these won’t ever replace their homemade counterparts, you get all the reward without having to put all the work in. You can have your cake and eat it too!

What’s your favourite vegan dessert from a supermarket? We’d love to hear what you think. Leave us a comment, like, or share this post with your friends.

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