Four Budget Friendly Vegan Easter Eggs

by Freya
Budget Friendly Vegan Easter Eggs

Anyone else already eaten a few cheeky Easter eggs before the big day?! That’s one of the perks of being a grown-up; you don’t have to wait until the Easter bunny visits to gobble up all those yummy Easter themed goodies! Easter is only just around the corner, which is something we’re constantly reminded of every time we go into the supermarket! The shelves have been stocked full of Easter treats for weeks, and we’ve been checking the best vegan options out there. Although the vegan Easter chocolate game isn’t quite as strong as Christmas’, there’s still plenty of delicious treats to choose from. We’ve done a round-up of our favourite, budget-friendly, Easter eggs (and bunnies!)


Price: £6.50 
From: Tesco
Rating: 7/10

With this being the most expensive egg from our roundup, we had quite high hopes! You definitely get the most chocolate for your money, as it was by far the biggest egg out of the bunch, and you get 5 chocolate truffles too. The chocolate itself had a really nice flavour and is a great option if you like sweet milk chocolate. I also loved the addition of the salted caramel throughout the egg, which made it stand out from the classic plain chocolate one. However, it was a little too sweet for Charlie’s tastebuds, so we’d recommend this one for kids or people with an extra sweet tooth! 


Price: £3.99 
From: Morrisons / Holland & Barrett / Tesco
Rating: 7.5/10

This is the cheapest egg out of the bunch, and something which is definitely not reflected in the quality of the chocolate. The egg itself is small, but it comes with a bag of delicious little chocolate drops which more than makes up for it! This egg is also the one that tastes most similar to the kind of eggs we would get as children. It was sweet but not too sickly and came in very child-friendly packaging. We would recommend this as a super affordable option for the little ones in your life.


Price: £5.00
From: Oxfam / Ocado
Rating: 8/10

This was Charlie’s favourite egg. It was by far the best quality chocolate out of all the ones we tasted. It was more like eating a delicious bar of high-quality chocolate in the shape of an egg, as opposed to those cheapy eggs and advent calendars reminiscent of childhood. This is more of a ‘grown-up’ egg for sure. Although the chocolate was delicious, it was pretty tiny and a tad overpriced, which is why we didn’t score it higher. However, if you have a little more cash to spend then this would make a great vegan Easter gift for any of your friends and family.


Price: £4.00
From: Most supermarkets
Rating: 9/10

This one is technically not an egg, however, he is just as equally iconic in the world of Easter-themed chocolate. You really can’t go wrong with a Lindt chocolate bunny! The chocolate is really good quality and has the perfect level of sweetness. The chocolate is also nice and thick, so you can get a proper good bite of it, unlike some eggs where the chocolate just falls apart, not ideal! Bear in mind, the milk chocolate ones aren’t vegan-friendly, so make sure you’re buying the dark chocolate one which comes with a brown ribbon, not a red one. We recommend this for any age group and for people who like chocolate that isn’t really sweet or very dark. 

Do you have a favourite vegan Easter egg? We’d love to hear what you think. Leave us a comment, like, or share this post with your friends.

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