Four Delicious Dairy Free Milks

by Freya
Vegan Milk Alternatives

One thing we always get asked by both vegans and non-vegans is what dairy-free milk we use. We’ve tried a lot of different ones over the past few years but always keep coming back to the same few. The world of milk alternatives is a vast one, and there are countless brands and flavours out there to choose from! Personally, we like to use different types of milk for different purposes, as each one has a unique specific flavour.


Out of all of the different kinds of milk available, this is the one that we always make sure to keep in the fridge. Almond milk is the perfect all-rounder. It has a light and subtle flavour and a natural creaminess which is great since it doesn’t overpower the flavours of whatever you’re using it with. We always have this in our tea and use it a lot in cooking and baking. It makes the best pancakes! It’s also my favourite kind of milk to have on cereal. If we had to pick just one dairy-free milk it would be this one. However, although this milk tastes great, it’s the least environmentally friendly dairy-free milk available, as it takes a lot of water to produce. Despite this though, it’s still more environmentally friendly and ethically sourced than dairy milk. We’re on the search for a different dairy-free milk to use instead of almond milk, as we’re always conscious of trying to make the best choices for the animals, the environment and our health!

Vegan Milk Alternatives


This is our other favourite milk. It’s super versatile and it tastes especially great in coffee! Oatly also has a barista version where the milk can be frothed to get that authentic cafe cup of coffee. It’s also great to bake with and it’s one of the most environmentally friendly kinds of milk to choose from, so that’s a huge bonus! It would be the perfect candidate to take over from almond milk as our must-have milk, except that I really hate it in a cup of tea! I’m trying to train my tastebuds to like it more, so fingers crossed I learn to love it in my tea just as much as I love it in my coffee!

Vegan Milk Alternatives


What I like about coconut milk is that it’s also another great light flavoured milk alternative. I don’t find the coconut flavour too overpowering which makes it really versatile, but with a slightly tropical twist! My favourite way to have it is either in porridge or smoothies, as it makes things extra creamy! Coconut milk is also a great option for people with nut allergies.

Vegan Milk Alternatives


This is our newest find. Innocent recently entered the dairy-free market with a range of milk alternatives, including this delicious hazelnut milk! It’s quite rich with a very strong hazelnutty flavour, so it’s not the best one for your cup of tea. It does taste amazing with chocolate though! Have it in your hot chocolate or a cold glass of chocolate milk with some cookies and you’re in for a treat! It’s basically like having liquid Nutella! This is slightly more expensive than some of the other kinds of milk, but it’s usually on offer and it’s not something we buy all the time. Innocent isn’t the only brand to make hazelnut milk either. A lot of the other main dairy-free milk brands also make it, including Alpro, Rude Health and Plenish.

Vegan Milk Alternatives

As well as these four delicious dairy-free milks, there’s a whole range of other ones for you to try, including soya, hemp, rice and cashew. All of them are very easily available and can be found in all supermarkets. People often assume that being vegan means you are faced with lots of restrictions on food, but we think it couldn’t be further from that! Before turning vegan we only drank one type of milk, now look how many wonderful options we have to choose from. Our diet is full of variety and the world really is our (vegan) oyster!

What’s your favourite dairy-free milk? We’d love to hear what you think. Leave us a comment, like, or share this post with your friends.

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