Restaurant Review – The Vurger Co.

by Freya
The Vurger Co.

There are so many amazing places you can get vegan food in London, we’re definitely spoilt for choice! Somehow though, Charlie and I still find ourselves returning to the same restaurants time and time again. We’ve recently made a concerted effort to forge out into new territory and try out some more of London’s best vegan food. Earlier this week we had an opportunity to do exactly this, so we finally made it down to The Vurger Co. No prizes for guessing what they serve up… We discovered this place on Instagram, in true millennial fashion, and immediately added it to our “must go” places list after seeing so many amazing pictures and rave reviews. We both love a good vegan burger, so naturally, we had to find out what all the fuss was about!

The Vurger Co.

Situated in Shoreditch, The Vurger Co. is sat in what is quickly becoming a hotspot for vegan food. Shoreditch is perhaps best known for the famous Brick Lane, which on a Sunday hosts a thriving market that draws in tourists and locals alike. Between its vintage shops, stalls, and food vendors, there’s always a bustling atmosphere to be found. Located just a short walk from Brick Lane, and a moment around the corner from Shoreditch High Street station, The Vurger Co. is in a clean modern built complex, with a bright airy glass front. The restaurants interior décor reflects the same minimal, modern feeling as the exterior. It’s a beautifully designed space with industrial style finishings, yet without feeling too sterile. We both felt super relaxed and at home before we had even tried the food!

The Vurger Co.

To beat the crowds we arrived at 4 pm on a Monday, and the place was all ours. However, it’s not necessary to come at such an abnormal time since there is plenty of seating both inside and out, though I would guess that at lunch and dinner times this place can get quite busy! During our visit, all the staff we so lovely and friendly, they really made us feel comfortable!

As usual, Charlie got himself a black coffee to sip on whilst we had a little look through the menu, and despite The Vurger Co. not being a cafe, he was surprised at how good the coffee was. The coffee also came in an eco-friendly disposable cup – bonus points from us! In fact, this eco-friendly ethos is the same across all of their food packaging, to the extent that their business runs 100% zero to landfill.

The Vurger Co.

Before I dive head-on into the food, I should explain that the myth of veganism as an inherently healthy diet is not a strict rule we all follow. This is definitely true for The Vurger Co. as main on their agenda is deliciousness. You could probably argue that it’s healthier than the meaty counterpart it’s replacing, but eating these burgers is all about the taste. We ordered the “Auburger” for £8.45, which is: aubergine, caramelised red onions and Tabasco Chipotle chickpea patty with pickled red cabbage, tomato, gherkins, cheese and their house cumin mayo. This really was packed with flavour! What I found most surprising was that it had the perfect level of heat throughout, I never felt the spice overwhelmed the other flavours. The patty itself has a beautiful hint of sweetness which went perfectly with the spice. The texture was also great thanks to it being made from chickpeas.

The Vurger Co.

To go with this we also tried a bun-free burger bowl. We got the “Holy Habanero Burger Bowl” with extra avocado for £8.95 which has: a spicy corn fritter, slaw, tortilla chips, spiced almonds and house chilli mayo. I did not miss the bun at all since it was replaced with plenty of salad leaves. In fact, I possibly enjoyed the bowl more than the classic bun since it seemed to last longer. The crunchy tortilla chips and slaw with the soft avocado and patty married perfectly together – the whole bowl was completely delicious!

The Vurger Co.

You can’t have a burger without chips, so we went for our favourite; the sweet potato fries for £3.25. These were definitely up there with some of the best sweet potato fries we’ve had; they were so satisfyingly crunchy on the outside and lovely and soft on the inside, just how a perfect chip ought to be! We also ordered their mac and cheese, which at £4.75 is a pretty good deal for the size of the pot. The cheesy crumb topping was so rich and delicious I only wish it had more! Finally, we had the house slaw for £3.25 which was really fresh and crunchy; a welcoming break from the rich flavours of the burgers and the mac and cheese.

The Vurger Co.

The whole meal was heavenly, and despite The Vurger Co. being essentially a fast food joint, the food beyond surpassed what you would expect from any fast food restaurant. Everything we ate was cooked to high quality, and you can tell a lot of thought had gone into the creation of each of the individual dishes. You could come here for a quick take away lunch, or a sit-down meal with friends. Either way, you won’t be disappointed!

The Vurger Co. is open Sunday – Thursday 12 – 10 pm and Friday – Saturday 12 – 10.30 pm.


  • Anyone looking for a quick, filling lunch or dinner
  • Perfect if you’re in the mood for delicious ‘junk’ food
  • Someone looking for casual laid-back dining, without compromising on taste

The Vurger Co
9, Avant Garde Richmix Square, Cygnet St, London E1 6LD
020 3222 0049

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