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by Charlie
Cafe Kino

One of our all-time favourite vegan places to eat out at in Bristol has definitely got to be Cafe Kino. We’ve been coming here together since we first met on our art foundation degree, way before we were vegan, and we’re still coming back almost 6 years later! Throughout this time, the quality of their food has been nothing but consistently excellent, which is probably why we keep on coming back! Although we no longer live in Bristol, it’s always somewhere we make time to visit each time we come back.

Cafe Kino

Cafe Kino is a vegan cafe and community space in Stokes Croft, a well-known area in Bristol for being a hub of independent businesses. They host a regular life drawing workshop, music events, discussions, screenings and more. It’s also a worker’s co-operative, in which all profits go back into the running of the business. Their mission to create a relaxed community space, which also sells great food, is definitely something we feel they’ve achieved when we sit down to a big English breakfast surrounded by friends.

Cafe Kino

We arrived on a Bank Holiday Monday at about 11 am, and it was already pretty full. We found ourselves a table by the window and ordered our drinks. I had my usual black Americano, for £2.00, and Freya had a chai tea with oat milk for £2.20. The coffee was pretty decent, but it’s not somewhere I’d go if I wanted an amazing cup of coffee. However, Freya said her chai tea was lovely and they also sell lots of other delicious smoothies and soft drinks if you’re not in the mood for caffeine! The space itself is spacious and airy, with glass-fronted windows. The walls are whitewashed brick, and there’s the most amazing tiled floor which really adds a lot of character to the building. You can choose to sit in a cosy booth made using church-style pews, or one of their many free-standing tables. We’ve never struggled to find a seat despite how popular the cafe is.

Cafe Kino

The burger, for £9.00 with the two added sides, was nothing short of amazing. The patty was cooked so well that the outside was beautifully crisp, while still staying tender in the middle. I am a firm believer that burgers should be served with sides that reflect the quality of the burger itself. This is definitely the case at Cafe Kino, the slaw was sweet, crunchy and fresh. The curly fries were a delicious addition, adding a hint of spice to the plate from their seasoning. What impressed me most about the burger was that every part felt cohesive. Often in a mediocre burger, you can easily taste the tomato or the lettuce however with the BBQ burger, it felt like every ingredient played it’s part perfectly.

Cafe Kino

The Full Kino, at £8.40, is perhaps the epitome of my idea of a perfect vegan cooked breakfast. I’ve had other English breakfasts that have added creative new elements that I’ve loved, like with Black Cat Cafe’s spicy baked beans and Lele’s sweet potato bubble and squeak, but the Cafe Kino fry-up is what I picture in my mind as the quintessential fry-up. They make the best vegan sausages which are served with garlicky sautéed kale & mushrooms, hash browns, beans, roast tomato and toast. It’s not got any fake bacon or scrambled tofu, just delicious plants cooked simply but which bags of flavour!

Cafe Kino

The full meal came to a very reasonable total of £21.60 for two full plates and two hot drinks. As well as the great prices, one of the things we really appreciate about Cafe Kino is its relaxed atmosphere. There are people from all walks of life that visit, and everyone exists harmoniously. Cafe Kino is one of my favourite places that I have taken non-vegan friends and family because the food is so good that without fail everyone loves it.

Cafe Kino

Cafe Kino is open 10am–10:30pm Monday to Sunday. Food is served until 9:30pm. Breakfast is served until 1pm.


  • Anyone looking to get some work done, they are laptop friendly
  • Any size of group, it’s got seating to sit small and large parties
  • Someone looking for a really great vegan brunch, at a decent price

Cafe Kino
108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RU
0117 924 9200

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