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by Charlie

For me, Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, it’s a time to get together with family, to eat good food, exchange gifts and play party games. One of my favourite things is giving Christmas gifts I know my family and friends will love, but it can all seem like so much plastic and waste sometimes. It’s important now more than ever to keep the environment in mind which is why we’ve rounded up our favourite easy eco-friendly vegan Christmas gifts to make those little eco swaps that much simpler. We’ve put them all together in this list of vegan Christmas gifts your family and friends will love.

Here are our top vegan home and eco vegan Christmas gift ideas for 2020:


Swole Panda Online Store – £9.95
A pair of colourful bamboo socks make a great gift. Swole Panda offers a massive range of colours and patterns, so there’s bound to be something for everyone. If you like this idea but want something more special, they also offer gift boxes and subscriptions. Bamboo is an excellent material for clothing because it’s super soft and long-lasting. Not only that, but it’s a very sustainable and a fast-growing crop that absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide. Swole Panda socks are quite pricey, one place we’ve noticed bamboo socks at a much cheaper price is TK Maxx.


ecoffee Cup – starting at £7.95
A reusable coffee cup is a perfect gift for practically anyone. The reason I personally love these cups from ecoffee is how similar they are to takeaway cups. This is perfect if you’re getting a drink on the go because the baristas don’t need to mess around with oddly shaped and sized cups. These cups also allow the heat to dissipate at a regular rate too, so unlike an insulated bottle or a thermos, the drink isn’t kept scolding hot meaning you can enjoy it on the go.


EcoCoconut online store – £5.49
A well made and ergonomic dish brush is one of those things that you don’t realise you need until you’ve got one. The bristles are made from coconut husk and the handles from rubber trees. This brush has been created with sustainability in mind from the very start. The coconut husk is great for scrubbing away those harder stains without damaging non-stick coatings.


Ecostrawz online store – £5.49
A great gift for anyone who likes to make cocktails at home, these metallic straws are easy to clean and will last you a lifetime! They are super durable so you can easily pack them in your bag for use in day to day life (not just for alcohol!).


Vaxbo Lin online store – £10.25 (115SEK)
Super simple and very elegant, these dishcloths are perfect for any home. The minimal design is very scani-chic and they work amazingly. The great thing about linen is that it absorbs moisture better than any other natural fibre.


TK Maxx – £Various Prices
This Christmas, if you’re looking to get a vegan Christmas gift for a cozy homely person, candles are always a great gift. Not all candles are vegan though, and it can be almost impossible to tell unless it says so on the candle itself. Buying candles online is great, but I much prefer to be able to smell them before purchasing. There are loads of companies online that make soy candles but we’ve found the best place to get well priced vegan candles in person is TK Maxx. They always have a big range of well-labelled candles to choose from, so you can be sure to get something you know your giftee will love.


Turtle Bags online store – £6
These string bags are convenient, desirable, and great for the planet. We have a pink one at home that we use all the time. They can screw up really small and are light as a feather. You can use them for grocery shopping or to keep things organised at home. Ours in on the back of our kitchen door keeping all our reusable bags in one place. Turtle bags are an awesome company that been included in the UN report on innovative alternatives to plastic.


Chillys online store – £20
I use my water bottle almost every day, even if I’m staying at home simply because of how convenient it is. It sits on my desk next to my laptop and is a great reminder to keep drinking water throughout the day. A Chillys water bottle is super durable and comes in loads of different designs. The simple block colour ones start at £20 but they offer a huge range of bottles with patterns and artwork on them too. The ones from their Artist series are really nice, I personally love the “Greek Dream” in white.

Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think? We’d love to know! Leave us a comment bellow, or get in touch with us on one of our social medias.

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