Product Review – Gorgias London Facial Oil

by Freya
Gorgias Facial Oil

Since starting Lovely Jubley just over a year ago, we’ve been posting vegan food content for you on this blog every week. Whether it’s a delicious new recipe or our favourite brunch spots, we’ve been committed to sharing our best vegan tips with you! As vegans, it’s not just the food that we think about. Being vegan is a way of life for us, which involves choosing vegan-friendly products whenever we buy something at the checkout. This includes make-up, toiletries, cleaning products, clothes and homeware to name a few! Sharing these items with you on our blog felt like the next natural step for us. As our blog develops we hope to share every aspect of what a vegan lifestyle looks like.

If you’ve only recently become vegan or are considering becoming vegan, don’t let this overwhelm you! We didn’t become 100% vegan in every aspect of our lives overnight, it was a gradual progression for us. Start by swapping out a few key things every so often, until eventually, everything you own is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Now I don’t claim to be any sort of beauty or skincare expert, but I have used a lot of vegan and cruelty-free products over the past few years. One particular product that seems to have become very popular are facial oils. They’re considered to be an essential part of your daily skincare routine, leaving you with baby soft skin that’s hydrated and restored. They’re pretty luxurious products, which can feel like such a treat to use.

Gorgias Facial Oil

I’ve only recently started using facial oils myself, so I was very excited when I got the chance to try one out from the new brand Gorgias London. They have a range of oils, all with different properties aimed at creating unique results. I’ve been trying their Argan Facial oil for about a month now, which is a “100% natural, cold-pressed Argan Facial Oil, which has healing properties that improve skin elasticity, restores hydration and pH levels, and improves skin tone when used at bedtime, giving your skin complete hydration and care, especially to fight early signs of ageing.” Sounds like a miracle worker right!?

Gorgias Facial Oil

This oil is wonderfully luxurious. Everything from the box to the pipette has been beautifully designed, so it’s really going to look pretty on your dressing table! It’s not just a pretty face though. After having used the oil nearly every day for a month, I’ve definitely seen a noticeable improvement in my skin. It’s much softer and smoother and I’ve not had any dry patches of skin like I usually do. I have combination skin, meaning I can have an oily T-zone with dry patches all at the same time. This oil seems to have balanced out my skin, leaving it neither too oily or too dry. There seems to be a misconception that facial oils will leave your skin feeling oily, which is an understandable mistake to make! However, this oil from Gorgias London quickly absorbs into your skin and works its magic whilst you sleep.

Although this oil has worked wonders for my skin, it doesn’t come cheap. This oil retails at £29.95, making it a very decadent element of your skincare routine! However, this is on par with most other facial oils on the market. If this is at the higher end of your budget and not something you can buy regularly, then it’s definitely one to add to your birthday/Christmas wish list. Also, bear in mind that a little goes a long way. You only need to use a couple of drops in the evening after you’ve cleansed and moisturised your face.

Gorgias Facial Oil

Gorgias London is “An Independent Beauty Brand, passionate about botanical based, ingredient-led skin and haircare” Their products are designed to be luxurious yet accessible and all made using natural ingredients. The sell facial oils, shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers and their products are available to buy from their website or on Amazon.

Disclaimer: The Gorgias London Argan Facial Oil product was gifted to us, however, the opinions are all our own, and the thoughts given are 100% honest.

Have any of you tried Gorgias London Argan Facial Oil? We’d love to know what you thought of it, leave us a comment below, or find us on social media.

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