Cafe Review – Lele’s Vegan Brunch

by Charlie
Counter and vegan cakes in Lele's cafe, London

I hadn’t heard anything or searched out any reviews about Clapton-based vegan cafe Lele’s until the evening before we went. I’m not really what you’d call “an organised person”, but luckily Freya is. So when we want to find a new vegan cafe in London, she usually has the answer neatly written into one of her lists. In the spirit of organised thinking, I decided this time I would do some research of my own, and at least look up the menu on their website. That’s when I came across the description for the Lele’s Vegan Full English breakfast:

“Garlic mushrooms and baked beans with red peppers on toasted sourdough, with fresh spinach, roasted oregano tomatoes, bubble and squeak (sweet potato and cauliflower) and Vegusto sausage.”

On reading this my mind was made up, it sounded so flavoursome and interesting, and nothing like the usual fry up style breakfast. I knew we had to go and try it out.

We arrived at Lele’s at around 11 AM on a Tuesday to sample the best breakfast dishes they had to offer. Situated on Lower Clapton Road, it wasn’t hard to find. We entered through the bright glass door, walking into a relatively small, chic, and stylish café space. There was a nice buzz as people were working on their laptops, and friends met for conversations over coffee and brunch. We took our place sitting at one of the last empty tables and got comfortable. The space itself may be small, but it is by no means cramped. The high ceiling coupled with the huge glass front lets in plenty of warming sun. Overall, Lele’s feels simultaneously modern, stylish, inviting, and homely.

To start, I had a black Americano and Freya ordered a Mocha. I have to say they do bloody good coffee, I’ll be returning for that alone! As for the food, you can probably guess we ordered the Lele’s Vegan Full English. I could tell that they had put a lot of thought into the ingredients used in this dish, every element on the plate tasted distinctly different, yet at the same time complemented each other perfectly. It’s probably one of the best vegan full English breakfasts I’ve eaten!

Alongside this, we also ordered a stack of pancakes, which came with raspberry compote, coconut cream and fresh banana slices. These were mega pancakes! They were beautifully fluffy and sweet and perfectly absorbed the tart juice from the raspberries.

We already had a lot of food on the table, and we definitely could have left feeling totally satisfied sharing the two plates we had. However, since our eyes are bigger than our bellies, we also ordered a plate of peanut butter toast with banana, maple syrup & cinnamon. Even though I was already pretty full, I somehow managed to fit it in, as it just tasted so good!

From the décor to the food, Lele’s has just the right mix of style and comfort. We had a lovely relaxed morning there, and absolutely loved the food! I can say with confidence that we’ll definitely be returning soon with all our friends, and would 100% recommend to anyone who’s in London to go and try it for themselves.


  • Anyone wanting to have a relaxed breakfast and coffee with a friend or two
  • They serve sweet and savoury, small and larger bites, so it’s great for anyone as far as the food is concerned
  • For anyone who is fussy about coffee (like me); they have the good stuff

50 Lower Clapton Rd, London, E5 0RN

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