The Best Vegan Supermarket Yoghurt

by Charlie

Are you unsure of which vegan yoghurt to buy? We don’t blame you! There are so many options nowadays to choose from, which of course is a great thing, but no one wants to go through all the bad ones to get to the good stuff! This guide is here to help. We’ve rounded up our four favourite vegan yoghurts you can buy from UK supermarkets.

Our 4 favourite vegan yoghurts:

The best savoury vegan yoghurt

01. Alpro Greek Style Plain

This soy-based yoghurt is our favourite everyday yoghurt, simply because it’s so versatile. Much like the regular Alpro “Plain No Sugars”, the “Greek Plain” is clear of flavour, which makes it great for both savoury and sweet recipes. What makes the “Greek” style our favourite of the two, is how much thicker and creamier it is! This extra creaminess comes in handy when you’re using it to top breakfasts like American style pancakes. It stays in place when other thinner yoghurts would simply drip off. A great way to use it in a savoury dish is to make it into raita as we’ve done for this post. The cucumber paired with the yoghurt makes a cooling condiment that’s perfect with Indian dishes.

The best sweet vegan yoghurt

02. Coconut Collaborative Natural Unsweetened

Another delicious yoghurt alternative is coconut yoghurt. Unlike the Alpro Plain, the coconut yoghurt does have a strong coconut flavour. We think the coconut flavour lends itself better to sweeter dishes. It’s perfect for desserts and breakfasts! The Coconut Collaborative make a deliciously thick coconut yoghurt that, much like the Alpro Greek Style, is amazing on pancakes. For this blog post, we made these crepes topped with roasted rhubarb, maple syrup and pistachios, which were a dream when combined with the coconut yoghurt.

vegan coconut yoghurt alternative on crepes with rhubarb

The best live culture vegan yoghurt 

03. The Collective Plant Yoghurt 

Yoghurt can be great for your gut health when it’s full of probiotic bacteria. Unfortunately, not all vegan yoghurts contain these gut-friendly probiotic buddies. This delicious smooth oat, coconut, and rice blend yoghurt from The Collective really does! It manages this whilst also being packed with flavour, it’s even got that slight tang that’s reminiscent of dairy yoghurts. The yoghurt itself is super thick and creamy, they make both plain and flavoured yoghurt alternatives. We think this yoghurt is probably the closest alternative to dairy currently available.

The best single-serve vegan yoghurt pots

04. Alpro Greek Style 150g Pots 

These smaller pots are the same soy-based yoghurt as the Alpro Greek Style Plain, but they’ve got a lovely fruity layer at the bottom. The passionfruit and mango are our favourites. Each pot is a 150g serving and contains a surprisingly high 7.2g of protein! These fruity yoghurt pots make a great mid-morning snack or perfect little pudding treats.

Vegan plain yoghurt alternative alpro greek style fruit pots

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