The Best Vegan Supermarket Breakfast Treats

by Charlie
The Best Vegan Supermarket Breakfasts

If you were to ask me what my favourite mealtime is, my reply would undoubtedly be brunch on a Sunday. I absolutely love spending time in the kitchen cooking up big feasts, but as an organisationally-challenged person, I need take the time to make sure that I have actively put in thought and planning into cooking a meal. I envy the people who can come up with brilliant recipe ideas at the drop of a hat, I am not much of a spontaneous cook, unfortunately. Sometimes I’ve had such a busy week at work that I haven’t had the time to plan anything out. However, I know I need not despair because the options for a vegan brunch treat are only as far away as the local supermarket, which for us is dangerously close! I don’t think anything on this list can beat the taste of homemade pancakes or a vegan fry-up, but some of these treats come pretty close in comparison. And for only taking a fraction of the mental capacity to prepare, on what could very well already be a bleary-eyed morning, they are in many ways superior.


For me, one of the best easy treat breakfasts has to be the croissant. When at their best, they are fluffy, light, and crunchy. They go well with both savoury and sweet fillings and are also deliciously simply by themselves. When we first became vegans we thought we would have to wave goodby to these delicious little french pastries. However, this is not the case, it just so happens that the Jus-Rol bake at home croissants are accidentally vegan! For a continental brunch, we have our croissants with Violife vegan cheese slices, tomato, and rocket. The croissants themselves are quite sweet which works really well with the pepperiness of the rocket, and the classic combo of Violife cheese and tomato is so delicious it hardly needs explaining. Croissants are extra special to us because it’s what Freya always asks for as her birthday breakfast, whereas for me it’s the sesame bagel. We’ve seen the Jus-Rol croissants in many larger supermarkets and a few smaller local supermarkets too. The Jus-Rol range is widely stocked and shouldn’t be hard to find. They also sell bake at home cinnamon swirls and Pain Au Chocolat, but I’ll come to these later.

The Best Vegan Supermarket Breakfasts


This is perhaps the treat breakfast that we eat the most often. If it weren’t for the amount of sugar in a cinnamon bagel, I would definitely eat them every day of the week. Somehow I never get bored of cinnamon bagels. One of the most delicious ways to eat a cinnamon bagel is either with the classic peanut butter and jam or with peanut butter and banana slices. I think that a crunchy toasted bagel paired with the soft banana is a match made in heaven. The only thing that betters this combination, is vegan margarine melted onto it. The spreading has to be performed as quickly as possible after the bagel has popped out of the toaster for maximum melt. And it just so happens that the timing on the toaster at home coincides with the time it takes me to make a black coffee. You may call me an oddball, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of the perfectly timed efficiency of making myself a toasted bagel and a black coffee. The cinnamon bagel is super accessible, they are sold in practically every bakery section of a supermarket. And if you can’t find them fresh-baked, you are bound to be able to find the New York Bakery Co. cinnamon bagels on the shelves of the bread aisle.

The Best Vegan Supermarket Breakfasts


The Pain Au Chocolat is the perfect chocolate answer to the question: how can you improve a croissant? Whenever I go back home to Bristol, back to my parent’s house, my mum always makes sure to stock these in the fridge, so for me, they have become synonymous with the idea of my family home. And I think perhaps my favourite way to eat a Jus-Rol Pain Au Chocolat is by separating them in half lengthways, much like you would with a KitKat, so that you have two delicious flakey pastry chocolate sticks! This has become a bit of a tradition for me now, so much so that it feels weird to eat them the ‘normal’ way. Much like a cinnamon bagel, I love to have pain au chocolat simply, with a cup of black coffee.

The Best Vegan Supermarket Breakfasts


If you like the sound of a bagel for breakfast but don’t have much of a sweet tooth then a sesame bagel is what you are after. Unlike with the cinnamon bagels, I actually think the New York Bakery Co. sesame bagels are better than what you can get in the supermarket’s bakery section. We have ours with vegan cream cheese and cucumber slices. This reminds me of what my family would always put out on Christmas morning. This combination works so well because of the fresh cucumber flavour cutting through the cream cheese, all enhanced by the subtle sesame flavour of the bagel itself.

The Best Vegan Supermarket Breakfasts


Chocolate pillow cereal is by far the easiest thing to prepare on this list. Since it’s so easy, we love to add in some fresh fruit, our favourite being strawberries as they go so well with the chocolate. It should be noted that not all brands of chocolate pillows are vegan, however, I know for a fact that Tesco Pillow with Choco-Nut filling certainly is. Even if you leave off the fresh strawberries this is still a delicious treat. Even if you leave off the vegan milk this is still a delicious treat! One of our favourite ways to eat these is admittedly not even at breakfast time. Whenever we go to the cinema we pop into the shop on the way and grab a box, they are such a good alternative to popcorn!

The Best Vegan Supermarket Breakfasts


I know we introduced this as a supermarket treats post, but like I said in the introduction, little compares to a homemade treat breakfast. To take the time to make something for yourself builds the anticipation and makes the payout only better. If you’re looking for a recipe that neatly toes the line between quick and delicious I highly recommend out Vegan banana pancakes. They are so tasty and only take moments to put together, and they’re made out of the ingredients we often have in the house anyway. This is in some ways easier than going to the supermarket treats since you don’t have to change out of your pyjamas.

Five Ingredient Banana Pancakes

What is your favourite quick and easy breakfast treat? We’d love to know what you thought of this post, leave us a comment below, or find us on social media.

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