The Best Vegan Easter Eggs

by Charlie

If you ask me, the most important thing about celebrating Easter is chocolate! Although Easter may not officially be the holiday of chocolate, unofficially, it 100% is! A few years back we took a look at some of the best vegan chocolate eggs that were on offer, so we thought we’d do the same again this year to help you decide which eggs to get (secret hint: all of them!). 

NOMO Caramel & Sea Salt Egg and Bar nomochocolate (£6.00)

If you’ve already been looking for vegan chocolate Easter eggs this year, then you’ll probably have already found these on the shelves of the supermarket. NOMO always make delicious chocolates, and this egg is no different! We decided to include it in this list because of how available it is. Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco, and Waitrose all stock it. We think it’s pretty good value too as you get a tasty bar to go with the egg.

Salted caramel vegan easter egg from NOMO

Lindt Gold Dark Chocolate Bunny lindtuk (£4.00)

The chocolate Easter bunny has become iconic in so many households. Each year we look out for the only vegan bunny on offer from Lindt, the dark chocolate bunny. Unlike the NOMO, this isn’t always easy to find, but it’s worth getting it if you can find it! It may look smaller than some of the other full-size Easter eggs, which is also reflected in the price, but it does contain a surprising amount of chocolate. In fact, it’s 200g of dark chocolate, which when compared to the NOMO (at only 148g) is significantly more chocolate. I knew those walls seemed thicker!

Dark chocolate easter bunny from Lindt

Doisy & Dam Dark Chocolate Good Eggs doisyanddam (£1.99)

This pack of little eggs from Doisy & Dam is the perfect extra little treat. They are so similar to mini eggs it’s amazing. For years it’s been difficult to get something like these. These little vegan eggs would be perfect for the kiddies egg hunts, or used in baking to make some delicious Easter baked goods. Instead of hiding ours around the house, we like to get a pack of these in the run-up to easter just to get into the chocolatey spirit! You can get your hand on these at most Holland and Barrett.

Vegan mini eggs from Doisy and Dam

Cocoa & Co. Dark Chocolate Egg sainsburys (£4.50)

This Easter egg is the own brand egg from Sainsbury’s. It’s a great affordable option that’s more in line with the prices you’d expect from supermarket dairy chocolate. It comes in a very classy looking box, which is great for the more distinguished chocolate lovers. Although Easter brings out the childish joy for chocolate in all of us, it’s great to have something more suited to a grown-up audience.

Coco and Co vegan easter egg from Sainsburys

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