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by Charlie
B.Men Skincare Superdrug

When I was younger I neglected my skin. I had no concept of what my daily skincare routine should be and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to walk into a pharmacy and pick up the products that were right for me. I can now happily say that’s all changed. With a little guidance from Freya and a little exploring for myself, I’ve now found a range of affordable, vegan, and high-quality skincare products for men.

What I’ve found works well for me is the B. Mens range from Superdrug. I chose these initially because I liked both the price and the fact that all of the Superdrug own brand range products are vegan and cruelty-free! You can get everything from toothpaste to suncream. Once I got them home and started using them was when I knew I’d found what works for me. I particularly like the fragrances from the range, they have managed to find a balance between the ‘manly ‘muskier smells with the fresher floral fragrances, this makes it even more enjoyable to keep up my skincare routine.

B.Men Skincare Superdrug


Price: £3.99

This is probably my favourite of the bunch. I particularly like that it’s a soap that covers all your needs. I have sensitive skin which means that I find some other multipurpose soaps to be a little tough, especially as a face wash. Unlike the others, the volcanic wash is sensitive enough for my face but also lathers up enough for both my hair and body. This is great for when you’re in a pinch, you can wash your face in the shower along with everything else! I also like the design of the bottle, and that goes for the whole range. Unlike a lot of other men’s products which can come across as uber-rugged or overtly-macho, this is one that’s simple, cool and sophisticated.

B.Men Skincare Superdrug


Price: £12.99

You may have noticed either from our Instagram or our bio picture, I have fairly fair skin! This means that I am particularly susceptible to sunburn. I have to be careful in direct sunlight because I’ll start to burn in a snap…I’m a bit of a vampire! So the added sun protection from the moisturiser is perfect. It’s added SPF15 is also a big help with anti-ageing, so there’s a reason to keep using it all year round. I like that it’s quite a rich moisturiser which means a little goes a long way. Even though it doesn’t seem like a large bottle for the price, I’ve found using it as my daily moisturiser it will last me a surprisingly long time.


Price: £5.99

Until recently I wasn’t a fan of a face scrub. As I previously stated I have quite sensitive skin and I find that a lot of scrubs can be quite coarse and more damaging than beneficial. Freya convinced me to give them another try as she’s a big fan of them. They are great for removing any dead skin and unclogging pores, which for living in a city like London with all the traffic and pollution is an absolute must! So I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised. The granules in this scrub are a little finer than most which suit me very well. It does a great job of leaving my face feeling refreshed and clean.

B.Men Skincare Superdrug


Price: £5.99

I have to admit that I don’t shave often because when I do I suffer from many of the regular skin irritations like razor burn. I’ve started using an electric razor more often but there are times when this just isn’t possible (out of battery!). I have found that shave creams are a wonder for dealing with these little skin irritations. It makes shaving much more enjoyable. I like this shave cream since it doesn’t come in an aerosol can! It’s also, like the rest of the range, in an attractive bottle which means they all sit looking good together on the side near the sink.

I am glad to say that I have found the products that work for me! The Superdrug range is the perfect mix of price and quality. For the price, you can put together a great skincare routine. I found these on a 2 for 1 deal, and I have seen them on similar deals nearly every time I go in. If you’re looking for something new or different then I totally recommend the Superdrug B. Men range.

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