Four Things To Be Grateful For

by Freya

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone! We thought amongst all the recipes and product reviews it might be nice to just share a few things we’re grateful for right now. We talked about practising gratitude in our recent post on self-care, so it’s something we try to be mindful of all the time. There’s always doom and gloom to be found in the world, especially now, so it’s helpful to remind ourselves of the good things and spread a little positivity. Here are four positive and simple things to be grateful for right now.


We’ve been very lucky to have had such nice weather recently, so we’ve tried to make the most of it. Our neighbours in the flat below us moved out before lockdown, and they said we could use their garden whilst the property was empty, which was so sweet of them! Unfortunately, someone has moved in now so we can’t use it anymore, but it was lovely to have it for a few months. We had some absolutely delicious barbecues out there, we’re going to miss it now it’s gone for sure! Hopefully, the next place we live in we can have a garden is it really does make such a difference in the warmer months. Now we’re allowed to go and sit in the parks we’re definitely going to be having some BBQs up on The Downs in the next few weeks.


We’ve always loved going for walks, but now we’ve got more time and not much else to do out of the house, we’re spending a lot more time wandering the local streets. We’re grateful to live in such a nice area and a city filled with green spaces during this time.


Having more time has been a bit of a blessing really. We love love LOVE being able to work on our blog more often without ‘life’ getting in the way too much. I’ve had more time to cook, sleep, watch TV, go for walks, work on projects, hang out with Charlie…basically more time for everything! I’m super grateful for that, and a part of us doesn’t want to return to the crazy busy way of life we were all living before. It’s definitely taught us how much we can actually achieve when we have the time. We’re hoping to take some aspects of this current way of life back into our ‘normal’ lives, whenever that might be!


We’ve been cooking up some seriously good food over the past few months. Not being able to go out to restaurants, which is one of our favourite things to do together, has made us step up our at-home cooking game. We’ve pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zone and tried to be more creative with recipes, instead of just cooking the same dishes on a weekly rotation like we normally do. We also really acknowledge and appreciate how lucky we are, one, to know how to actually cook, and two, to be able to afford/find the ingredients right now.

What are you grateful for at the moment? Let us know in the comments below, or on any of our social media channels!

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